Organic Setting

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

large pine cone in a pine tree

As one remembers their truths, the thought of self doubt instantly disappears. We then reflect on how this world functions on what we think is our truth. Literally! Our thoughts are part of who we are. We are constantly bombarded by our own thoughts simply because of our interactions with what is around us.  For example, when I am in the forest, my depth perceptions enlarge like a lens widening on a camera. I can hear the birds and bugs chirping; the wind rustling leaves of trees swaying ever so slowly. I am a part of it now; only to be surrounded by pure instinct. My senses are enhanced and my imagination starts running along with the wind. 

I am suddenly "one with nature!"

wodden arched bridge over a small pond
Imagination illustrates the story of one's truth. 

fungi on a tree

I randomly decided to take a stroll on a trail at Pocahontas Park in Virginia; came across a fallen tree that had been knocked down by something like a storm. I have never seen purple fungi, and it was everywhere on the tree! It was definitely a "aah" moment for me (being the type of person to always be startled and astonished once stepping foot into a wooded area). My spidy instincts obviously said, "spend twenty minutes taking photographs of this fallen tree."

So, I did...

fungi on a tree trunk

fungi on tree trunk

I am never done with nature. I love finding new things and relearning old things. And I love moss! What a great place for these seedlings to sprout out from a nice bed of moss on a tree branch. The light was hitting so nicely on this photo:

seedlings sprouted out of a bed of moss  

"If you can’t be in awe of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you."



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