The Best Bamboo Gifts of 2020 & Probably of all Time

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"It is the thought that counts." A term that is used to say that good intentions are the most important thing you could give someone else.

When it comes to gift giving, it can become a strategic task - Will the person receiving the gift actually put it use or will it collect dust in a corner?

Gifts are kind gestures for others and intended to make the receiver feel positive. But, are they kind gestures for our planet? If and when the receiver gets rid of the gift, where does it go (we can also ask these questions when buying things for ourselves)?

And honestly, overall, is the gift even worthy of that person? 

Let's face it, Americans alone create incredible amounts of waste on items that we do not need. So I came up with a list of tangibles that will make you feel less guilty when picking out a gift for that special someone:


I started out the list with this bad gal because of the design. And yes, it's a mouthful! I've seen more on the market, but this one takes the cake. If you don't know what to give your expensive tasting friends for the holidays, look no further. This slow brewer would definitely spruce up anyones minimalist studio apartment (with more windows than rooms).


It's features takes the acid out of coffee (whatever that means) to make it taste better. Great for those who love iced coffee! Looks like something you'd see in a chem lab, but I can bet, with the right local coffee grounds, you'd be taking less trips to the cafe shop. Is this an archaic technique or did a nerdy, modern minimalist come up with this idea?

Bambooware Coffee Mug Gift Set

Not only is it bamboo, it's also ceramic! Under $25 on Amazon. It comes in cool, neutral green, white, and black; toxin and BPA free. Already packaged with a fancy stirring spoon, and ready to gift. My favorite part is the easily accessible bamboo finished handle that just makes me smile...


NO RINGS FROM THIS MUG! - the lid acts as a portable coaster for all those talkative Tony's at work that go on and on about the pros and cons of the rowing machine at Gold's Gym. Overall, it'll be a great gift for any hot drink connoisseur, and I ultimately recommend this inexpensive gift because of one word: the handle!

Bamboo Slippers

Another inexpensive gift for under $20 are these unisex bamboo flip flops by FENICAL. Perfect spa shoes or house slides for homes with the "no shoes" rule. Breathable and lightweight with one ingredient: bamboo straw. You can't go wrong with a pair a slides as a gift. No dyes, no fur. Sounds good to me.

Desk Wooden Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock

This bamboo clock is compatible with almost all smart phones. Its prism shape is chic and perfect for your home or office. Said to have a loud alarm that'll wake up any hard sleeper. But, for me, it's the energy saving features - a do not disturb function that will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of not being used. Turns back on with sound or a tap. If you're like me, that likes a complete dark abyss while sleeping, this will fit for alarm/phone charging needs in a nutshell...


...unless you have those loved ones who enjoy calling you for no apparent reason. But hey, that's what DND mode is for!

"I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder (1984)

Bamboo Handcrafted Wired Keyboard & Mouse

Seriously, I want this. It's 100% bamboo. You can also add in the bamboo stereo for an additional $60. Hand-carved and the most unique gift out of everything listed in this article IMO; compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 to Windows 10 and MAC. I wonder how the keys feeeeel. It's definitely worth taking a look at. Plastic keyboard who?!

Heart-Shaped Bamboo Miniature Cheese Board

Alright, this is the last one, and probably the least expensive with free shipping on Amazon. I can think of several people I know that would absolutely love a heart shaped cheese board. I actually bought one for a friend and he's going to love it 🤫 Anyways, it comes in Sage Green and Brown and already gift packaged! A lovely and subtle addition to a table setting. It's just cute and elegant and I love it. Thank you Kate Aspen.


Did I initiate a decrease in your bank account yet? If so, your'e welcome. Not only are these gifts made from bamboo, they are also friendly for our rocky planet. And I can tell you now that substituting wasteful products for the above is a check off the list in my book. One of the best things to do for someone else is encourage them to live more sustainably. So buy these and sleep well tonight because you are one step closer to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Leave a comment and share your reviews about any of the products I have mentioned above. If you think I missed something on the list that should be on there, leave a comment! This website is intended to build knowledge on sustainable living and using less wasteful products that slowly deteriorate our eco-system. Feedback is encouraged, but please, keep it classy. Feel free to share and thoughts or questions with me by contacting me via e-mail located on my contact page.


- Janna


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