About Us

Our mission is to uplift local artists who may encounter financial challenges or homelessness

We achieve this through various initiatives, including:

  1.  Providing a Platform: We will serve as a platform for local artists and makers to showcase their work. By featuring their creations on the website and including them in care packages, artists gain exposure to a wider audience beyond traditional galleries or markets.
  2. Fair Compensation: Artists and makers will be fairly compensated for their work. We prioritize paying artists a competitive rate for their products included in care packages, a special page on our site, and social media, ensuring that their talent and effort are valued and respected. Explore individual art-inspired products and curated care packages here to discover more. 

  1. Networking Opportunities: The organization will facilitate networking opportunities for artists, connecting them with other creatives, potential collaborators, and supporters of the arts. This networking can lead to new opportunities for collaboration, exhibitions, or commissions.

  2. Skill-Building Workshops: The non-profit will offer workshops and resources to help artists develop their skills and navigate the business side of being an artist. Topics may include marketing and branding, pricing artwork, and managing finances, empowering artists to thrive in their creative endeavors.

  3. Community Engagement: Through events, exhibitions, and community projects, we will actively engage with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of supporting artists. This engagement fosters a culture of appreciation for the arts and encourages people to invest in local talent.

  4. Representation and Inclusion: We are actively seeking artists to ensure diverse representation in its offerings. By featuring the work of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists prominently, the organization will amplify the voices and talents of underrepresented communities.

  5. Equitable Opportunities: BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists will receive equitable opportunities for participation, including artist spotlights and gain access to resources and support services. This commitment to equity ensures that all artists, regardless of their background, have the chance to succeed and thrive.

  6. Advocacy and Support: The organization will advocate for the rights and needs of artists, lobbying for fair policies and resources that benefit the creative community. Additionally, the non-profit will provide support services for artists facing challenges such as housing insecurity or mental health issues, ensuring they have access to the assistance they need to thrive.

By combining efforts to support both artists, makers, and individuals experiencing homelessness, we create a holistic approach to community enrichment, fostering a more vibrant and inclusive Richmond for all. For artists interested in being supported by showcasing their individual work on our digital database, please fill out this form

We invite artists interested in contributing their work to join us! Your generosity will greatly aid in our mission to support fellow creators navigating challenges. Discover more details on this page.